How Monthly and Multi-Month Snowbird Bookings Work

Rentals by Owner: Inside The Snowbird Company's 'American Snowbird Network'

For Snowbirds

Snowbirds gain a level of comfort and save money renting directly from the property owners & managers. Getting a better idea of what they'll experience regarding more unique amenities, seeking amenities, temperature-specific questions, and area information that are completely different than would be found on typical nightly/weekly rental websites. Have privacy, perhaps a yard or more private amenities such as pools, hot tubs & saunas, all custom-selected by an owner than may offer your taste or a unique idea you just can't find in a 'cookie cutter' hotel type of environment, but many times for either less expensive or comparable pricing, with monthly discounted pricing, and even many times a multi-month incentive!


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  • Dine on your own time: Most rentals contain their own full kitchen, stocked with utensils, appliances & other kitchen amenities, usually with pride & personality put into their selection by the owners of each property.
  • Descriptions & interaction: Get owner & manager opinions about area attractions, the facility you're staying in, and custom offerings - many feature upgraded furniture, recent renovations, and more in-home entertainment offerings.
  • Lodging choices: Again, not 'cookie cutter' - the sky is the limit, and/or you can pair-down to meet your budget to less amenities, smaller places, or different proximities to area attractions.
  • The excitement of the search: Discover what you wanted & didn't even know you should have been looking for. Many times we've heard from guests who discovered the exactly ideal setting for their monthly or multi-month seasonal residence that they otherwise never even knew existed! By browsing properties by owner, you may come across a property with amenities you hadn't thought about, or a price that meets your criteria in new ways you hadn't previously had in consideration (examples of an on-site fitness center, the most comfortable leather recliner, area artwork, or famous area attractions you hadn't considered, in walking distance).
  • Relationships: Many snowbirds make valuable relationships with the owners of properties they make their winter homes in - getting temporary phone line changes, mail changes or accesses, and other unique arrangements, that just make them want to come back year-after-year, forging a great relationship on a repeat visit that allows both parties to have to deal with less uncertainty & a greater level of trust & comfort with one-another & the property they mutually appreciate.

Save Money:

  • Last-minute deals: Whereas many hotels & resorts have set amounts that they'll offer only at certain times & only at certain amounts, many owners are willing to deal, meet you half-way or just listen and consider your offers, in an airframe or way that desk staff just may not have authority or inclination to accept.
  • Save money dining-in vs. expensive restaurants for every meal
  • Pets: Many rentals accept pets, and even if you don't see it listed, sometimes if you make the right offer an owner may make an exception.
  • Space, comfort & greater levels of privacy: You're staying for months at a time, so find a property that is acceptable to your tastes, many times with scenic views, for a fraction of what others pay 'premium' rates to experience during the 'prime seasons'. Also, with the fulfillment of comfort of the accommodations you have chosen, you may be less inclined to get out every day & instead choose to stay 'home' & enjoy your comfortable home-away-from-home a few days of the year vs. spending money just to feel like you've 'escaped' an otherwise generic or small space.